My fiance and I met while we were both teaching in a small, rural school in Wisconsin.  I was newly separated when we met and he was my best friend through the worst time of my life.  After my divorce, we began dating and basically having the best time of our lives together.  After two years together, we have built a wonderful life and a little family of pets.  I left my teaching position last year in order to go to graduate school but it hasn't been what I thought it would be.  Because of a number of problems related to money and credits and incompetent program directors, this year has been so frustrating and difficult.  In addition to my own problems, my fiance and I have had to learn to live together on a very limited budget which has taught us to work through issues that we were not prepared to face.  As the final push to insanity, my boyfriend decided to resign his position as well to return to graduate school himself.  So, long story short, after all of this hardship that our baby relationship has been through, he asked me to marry him on the second anniversary of our first date at the same baseball park where we went on that first date.  I am overwhelmed and awed at the sweetness and devotion of this wonderful man who loves me so much, no only in spite of my flaws but also because of them.

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