It's been a long time since I've blogged on here, though it hasn't been unthought of.  I've just been adjusting and dealing with the craziness that is everyday life and haven't been forcing myself to write as much as I should.

So I'm reviving a dead blog and renewing my spirit in the process.  Just because I want to get in the habit of writing, even though I've been out of practice for a while, I'll throw in a quick life update and we'll go from there.

I'm currently living in not-very-wonderful-at-all Wautoma, WI and am doing several things to occupy my time.  Since I am not teaching full time this year, I am substitute teaching in several districts within driving distance of my apartment.  It's interesting work and brings me ninety bucks a day, when I get to work that is.  In addition to that thrilling exploit, I'm working 15-20 hours a week at my local grocery store, the Piggly Wiggly. 

Last semester I was taking 6 credits at a local state university to get my master's in English, but due to financial difficulties, I am taking this semester off.  I miss school already, though it was definately difficult last semester.  I love the work so much that even the extreme nature of it, and the heart wretching anxiety that comes with it, is unable to make me feel like quitting.  I'm planning on starting up again in the summer and am looking forward to getting back to work.

My house is completely filled with animals.  We are now housing two parrots (Ruby, an eclectus and Plato, a meyer's), a corn snake (Clyde), a leopard gecko (Kiwi), an increadibly fat guinea pig (Carlos), two cats (Sweetness and Stella), and a 55 gallon fish tank.  In addition, Pickle bird is a long term house guest as well.

The boyfriend and I are preparing for a changed situation soon, since we are planning on moving, yet again.  The boyfriend will not be teaching at the same school next year so we are planning to move to Oshkosh.  This will facilitate us both going to school full time.  Boyfriend is considering a Master's in Biology and a possible career change.  We are both planning to apply for teaching jobs in the fall, despite our desire to go to school. At the moment there are jobs starting to pop up be we are looking at going to Oshkosh and work or go to school somewhere around there.

It is tough but I am trying to have faith that all will work out.  Lets see....

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